Build Guide

The complete building guide will be emailed to you with your Surfboard Kit purchase. Below is a brief list of what it contains.


1. The work area

Building table, required tools and equipment.


2. Preparing the wood

Wood preparation, laying out the pattern, wood contrast examples, dry bending the wood with gravity, wet bending the wood.


3. Frame assembly

Assembling the frame, fixing tight rib slots, attaching the frame to the building table.


4. Deck & bottom planking

Planking, attaching center strip.


5. Rough shaping 

Rough shaping.


6. Rails

Hollow strip rails, nose and tail blocks.


7. Sanding and sealing

Sanding and sealing your board, rough sanding, finish sanding, sealing.


8. Glassing and finishing

Preparing to glass your board, materials needed, summary of glassing steps, resin additives, how much glue.


9. Additions

Fin box, leash cup, vent.



1. What does the surfboard kits contain, do they have everything i need?

Our surfboard kits constist of the ribs and the spar that make up the frame of the board. Theres is enough wood for the deck and the under side and rails. It includes vent plug, leash plug and full instruction manual that covers every step of the build in detail.


2. What is the best kind of timber to use for constructing a surfboard kit?

Paulownia is our timber of choice because it is light and strong. Other timbers can be used such as Redwood, Cedar, Pine and many others but generally these should only be used to create decorative effect as they will add to the overall weight of the finished board unless of course you are not using the board to surf.


3. Where do i obtain decorative timber strips?

We offer a range of decorative timber strips that are available on request. Please contact us for more detail… Click here


4. Is it difficult to glass a timber board?

The assembly instruction manual included with the kits outlines the process however you can view many vidoes of this on youtube and if you are not confident in glassing the board yourself, some builders decide to get their local surfboard manufacture to get a professional job that by all accounts is less expensive than you may think.


5. How much wood working ability do i need and what tools?

It is not as hard as you may think. See guide (link)


6. Can the kits be modified?

You bet! It can be modified in many ways to make it faster and more maneuverable. The kits can be narrowed if desired. The instruction manual has a complete section on how to modify your board. See guide (link)


7. How long does it take to build a timber board?

The average time for a first time builder is around 60-70 hours depending on the type of board and decoration. Which would be a few months if you just did an hour or so a day.


8. Can i ask more questions?

Yes of course. Just put your question in our contact form and we’ll try to answer asap.